“Buy Health Win Security” Contest

Win COMPLIMENTARY house premise patrol services from the world’s first community security technology ecosystem, CODE7! Purchase ANYTHING from Farmasi Goobat PJ Taman Megah Branch with NO MINIMUM SPEND! Simple as. Come get your pharmaceuticals at Farmasi Goobat to join the contest!

Details, Description & Particulars of the Program

  1. Buy ANYTHING from Farmasi Goobat with NO MINIMUM SPEND.
  2. Randomly pick ONE mystery gift card from the counter with CODE7 promo voucher code which contains EITHER:
    – 1-month free CODE7 RTP Service subscription.
    – 2-month free CODE7 RTP Service subscription.
    – 3-month free CODE7 RTP Service subscription.
  3. Register and insert promo code following the terms & conditions in the following to find out your reward!

Terms & Conditions of the Program

  1. Download & Register [CODE7 Protection] App from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Get Verification Call from our Customer Service.
  3. Apply the Promo Code into [CODE7 Protection] App once your zone is open.
  4. 1 subscriber can subscribe up to 4 different users per address including the main subscriber.
  5. The activation will be started once it’s achieved 500 subscribers within a zone. The subscriber will be notified.