CODE7 is a platform that allows all security companies
to unite as ONE in 1 App with the MISSION
to enhance and upgrade Malaysia’s security standard to the next level



CODE7 offers fuss-free, Respond-to-Protect (RTP) security services within the palm of your hands. At the point of mere suspicion, a single swipe of your finger brings you premium level protection and a peace of mind for you


To make your home protected at all time


To respond on suspicious activity such as loitering, making noise or illegal gathering


Receive live update through our app and our responder ETA


With a swipe of our EMERGENCY button we respond to Triggered alarm or suspicious activity


We Patrol 24 hours around the clock to our protected subscriber

How To Subscribe

Step 1 – Download

Download “CODE7 Protection” app from Playstore / Appstore 

Step 2 – Register

Fill in your basic information and complete it with your accurate address for our respond to protection service. 

Step 3 – Contact

Our customer service will be in touch with you within 24 hours for security verification purposes. 

Step 4 – Subscribe

You may subscribe from app once done with registration.

Step 5 – You are Protected

You can check our responder surrounding your household zone

*Upon successful subscription, our responder team will pay you a visit within 48 hours for introductory purpose.

* The service activation will be started once achieved 500 subscribers within a zone. The subscriber will be notified. 

How The App Work

Step 1

Step 1

Subscriber request services
Step 2

Step 2

Alarm Triggered!
Step 3

Step 3

Send Out Responders
Step 4

Step 4

Responders Arriving