I-MAX FINANCIAL will be able to source for the right solutions that suit your individual need. We have access to a wide panel of life and general insurance companies that we can work with.

Most of you may already have some form of insurance, but this does not necessarily mean you are already well protected. You may have inadequate coverage to support yourself or your family’s standard of living & how can you find out?
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What is CODE7?

CODE7 is the World’s First Security Ecosystem. Allowing users to get professional protection services on-the-go. CODE7 brings professional protection services to everybody so that they are no longer exclusive to the affluent individuals, commercial entities, and VIPs. Protection services should be available to ordinary citizens like me and you.


Real-time protection on-the-go! CODE7 Protection app is packed with comprehensive security support features.

You are one swipe away from our Responder!

Protection for Loved Ones

Whether it is someone elderly at home, children, or loved ones who needs help; our Responders will respond to help if you are not around.

Prevent loitering

Strangers loitering around your place or acting suspiciously


Whenever there is a threat, just swipe to trigger a Responder to come to your aid.

Reliable Responders

Our Responders are proud Malaysians, licensed by established security firm. You are even able to verify and rate them

Live Update

User's location is identified upon calling for help. Live Update of Responder's on location and ETA provided

24 hours Protection

Responders are 24/7 ready according to zones

code7 features


Responders will check on suspicious people or vehicles loitering around when you slide for this services


Whenver your security product (i.e. Alarm System) is triggered in the premises ( residence, office, retail or factory), swipe for this service

Security Support

Whenever you see an incident that needs security support but do not know who to call, swipe this service and our Responders will provide security assistance


Sign up now and start protecting your loved ones.

Now available on iOS & Android.